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About NMMC

Designed for many years Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat (NMMC) industrial and economic activity is directed on maintenance of steady growth of economic potential and social stability of the Republic of Uzbekistan by means of further increase of raw mineral resources efficiency, increase of highly liquid production and intensive development of new manners of manufacture.

Gold and uranium form the basis NMMC activity as an industrial enterprise is founded on.

Besides the Combinat develops deposits of phosphorites, common salt, facing stone (gabbro, granite, marble), sand for mortar and foundry, chalkstone. The Combinat being a multi-industry mining and processing company, nevertheless, pays main attention to gold production that assists strengthening of economic power of Uzbekistan.

NMMC structure is comprised of five major mining and metallurgical enterprises (Navoi, Uchkuduk, Zarafshan, Nurabad, Zafarabad cities were built on their bases), as well as “Navoi Machine Building Plant” Production Association and Zarafshan Construction Management; the Combinat activity covers four regions in the republic. All the above cities are on balance of the Combinat and are connected among themselves with roads and railways, power lines included in the integrated power grid of the republic. Moreover they have independent life-support systems, including district heating and water supply, modern housing facilities, objects of social sphere. The Combinat has kept its economic relations and gained recognition in the CIS countries and in the world business community.

Thanks to active support and constant attention from the Government and President of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov personally the Combinat has managed not only to stay in the top ten of the leading world companies in gold and uranium production for the years of independence, but also to secure the status of industrial giant and the unique state company. By the sizes of the territory occupied, level of activity and profitability for the state, producing capacities, broad assortment of production, number of the employees involved, amount of financing of social programs the Combinat is the largest company in the republic and makes the essential contribution to regional development and social stability of Uzbekistan. Today NMMC employs about 65 thousand people, over 58 % of them work in industrial production. The Combinat has rich industrial and social infrastructure which area occupies hundred thousands of square kilometers. ~250 thousand people live and work here and their well-being is connected with the Combinat to some extent. The Combinat activity has a favorable effect on the life of the whole Kizilkum region, all four regions of the republic. Taking care of people is our priority in the field of social policy. Without maintenance of worthy and favorable working and living conditions any conversations about fine future become meaningless.

The President of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov and Government of the Republic pay great attention to Navoi Combinat, special significance to maintenance of its stable operation, solution of actual problems, increase of production volumes, issues regarding health care of its employees and their families, education and satisfaction of spiritual needs. This circumstance enhances responsibility of the Combinat in the sphere of social policy both before workers and the region in whole. NMMC has not only kept its social traditions but also develops them successfully. Medical sanitary units, boarding houses, holiday and recreation centers, after-work sanatoriums, sports complexes, preschool institutions and summer health camps are financed by the Combinat. Annual social expenses are equal to over 80 million US dollars including ~60 million dollars for maintenance of social objects. NMMC social infrastructure consists of housing stock with 2,7 million m2 of total area, six medical and sanitary facilities providing services for 200 thousand people, educational institutions for 2,6 thousand students, children's city and country summer camps, two sanatoriums, holiday center "Lazurnaya" and boarding house “Gornyak”, sports complexes with swimming pools, sports halls, stadiums, tennis courts and other facilities, 9 palaces of culture, as well as various creative clubs and art workshops, city parks, recreation areas and other objects.

Without purposeful personnel policy it is impossible to solve problems of production volumes and efficiency increase. According to the National program on personnel training the comprehensive program of personnel development and effective involvement, provision of the Combinat with qualified professionals is developed and realized. NMMC has constant monitoring system of current and perspective demands in different specialists on the labour-market.

The educational-scientific-and-production complex of proactive personnel training is formed. A well-composed system of professional training, retraining and improvement of professional skills of specialists and workers allows to satisfy need in specialists in all subdivisions of the enterprise. In the course of a year more than ten thousand employees of various categories from workers to managers study and get advanced training in the training centers. As the head of the state emphasizes there has been formed the system of continuous education in the republic allowing our youth to self-fulfill and find a worthy place in the society. About 2200 new jobs were created last year in the Combinat to go with the times solving problems on modernization, technical and technological updating of mining and processing production. Specialists with higher education are trained for Navoi Combinat in the republican higher educational institutions and those of especially demanded professions study in the near and far abroad. Specialists with secondary special and vocational education are trained in three educational institutions: Navoi, Zarafshan and Uchkuduk colleges. Almost two and a half thousand students are majoring in 22 professions. All colleges are equipped with modern equipment, computer and language classes, multimedia equipment, industrial practice workshops allowing to conduct educational process at high level.


Work on children's sports, health improvement, healthy lifestyle promotion and physical development is actively conducted. Approximately 30 thousand of employees and members of their families participate in sport life of the Combinat. Work on sport and health improvement is conducted in 8 physical training and sports clubs and 96 physical training teams. Modern sports complexes, swimming pools are available to any worker of our Combinat. Sportsmen of the Combinat participate in the championships of international and republican levels in basketball, boxing, volleyball, calisthenics, swimming, weightlifting, fencing, powerlifting, tae kwon do, motor racing, streetball, football, arm wrestling, parachuting, various kinds of wrestling. There are hundreds of gold, silver and bronze medals in the collection of the Combinat sportsmen. Licenses for participation of NMMC sportsmen in XXIX summer Olympic games in Beijing (2008) in swimming, calisthenics, weightlifting, tae kwon do WTF and fencing were obtained. In whole the work on physical training and health improvement promotes healthy lifestyle, development of children's sports, health improvement of the rising generation, harmonious physical development of our Combinat employees and members of their families.


Medical and sanitary department (MSD) with its branched network of medical institutions functions within NMMC structure. МSD out-patient departments and polyclinics provide services in 20 specialties in five adult, three pediatric, three dental polyclinics, five antenatal clinics, two pediatric and two dentist offices in the polyclinics of general profile. The Combinat employees, about fifty thousand of their children, more than eleven thousand pensioners get service here and over twenty thousand people who do not work in the Combinat and live in the nearest settlements also get free medical services annually.

Currently the union of NMMC present is a broad, organizational structure, including a combined trade union committees 7 and 21 trade union committees of the combines subdivisions.

Creative teams are involved in the cultural institutions combine amateur clubs, for 4000 creative and intellectual people, including 2,669 children and adolescents. 30 creative teams have the title of People and Exemplary. In 2014 held more were held in 2014 than 2,600 events, with 650 thousand participants including Plant workers, and their families. Festivals, contests of "Kizilkum sanat gunchalari", "Kizilkum ovozi", "Kizimlkum ohanglari" among dance groups, orchestras, soloists, vocal groups singers of traditional performance in the genre of makom.

There are libraries with a total book fund about 365 thousand books, including more than 182 thousand books published during the years of independence, including about 44 million in the state language in - Navoi, Uchkuduk, Zarafshan, Nurabad. 19 kindergartens for children of employees of the plant, with 4,400 girls and boys are surrounded by care and attention of qualified and professional caregivers and health professionals.

There are 5 suburban and 6 urban children's healths camps are in perfect condition on the balance of NMMC. More than 9,500 boys and girls annually recover their health in the summer children's camps and labor and recreation camps. 600 vouchers are given to children from low-income families from Zarafshan, Uchkuduk and remote desert areas as Tomdi and Konimeha. For the organization of sanatorium treatment in 2014 there were purchased about 10,000 vouchers totaling 3.4 billion soums, 946 permits were issued to pensioners.

Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine has provided trade union committee and its structures with-5 stadiums, 5 swimming pools, a Sports Palace, 2 bases for sailing, 90 gyms and playgrounds. Over the past four years several new facilities commissioned: were built in Zarafshan. Sports hall for the power of martial arts and weightlifting, gyms in Navoi, Zarafshan, Uchkuduk, club Konchi, Zarkent and youth sports complex in Mardjanbulak, Youth House was commissioned in Uchkuduk in 2014 fencing in Navoi. 6400 people are systematically engaged in physical culture and sports on the sports complexes of divisions NMMC 4715 children are also involved in sports and in group’s health.

NMMC sportsmen successfully performed in 2014 both at the international competitions and championships of Uzbekistan and national competitions in 20 sports won 414 awards, including 124 gold, 132silver and 158bronze.

Tagaeva Mahlie received a license to participate in the XXXI Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in weightlifting, Kosimova Zariya master of Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan in tae kwon do became a winner of Zulfiya Award.

The most important condition of the Combinat sustainable development is constant perfection of production management methods meeting the international standards. In this regard the integrated system of quality control, ecology and industrial safety is introduced and certified on its conformity to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 standard requirements. Certificates for “Precious metals and phosphorite production”, “Manufacture of polyvinylchloride and polyethylene pipes” and “Design and production of jewelry from precious metals alloys” have been received; supervisory audit of the introduced management system has been carried out.

The London Bullion Market Association gave the status of good delivery to Uzbek , refinery in 1994 and in 2006 this status was confirmed. The certificate of Tokyo Commodity Exchange confirming the quality of gold made by NMMC was received.

For the years of Uzbekistan independence the role of the country scientific institutions has greatly increased in the Combinat activity. Besides Uzbek scientific-research and project institute of industrial technology (“Uzgeotehliti”) great volume of scientific research and pilot design works has been done by Uzbek Institute of Nuclear Physics of Academy of Science (AS) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State Geological Enterprise "Kiziltepageology", Institute of Microbiology of AS, Scientific Production Association “Technologist”, Tashkent State Technical University, Tashkent Motor Road institute, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of AS, Institute of Fertilizers of AS, Navoi State Mining Institute, etc.

Creating new productions, providing modernization and introduction of competitive goods, we do not forget about the most important value: Man, Worker, Creator, whose hands built our cities, plants, mines in the most difficult desert conditions. We are proud of our collective, again and again we emphasize that people are the main riches of the Kizilkum land, gold reserves of Navoi Combinat. The Combinat social policy is directed on improvement of working and life conditions, living standards of employees that allows to make a considerable contribution to regional development and social stability.

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